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Test your training in the arena with a more active and reactive dummy, that follows your every move. Move around it in full 360 to dodge incoming attacks and gain strategic positions for unleashing blows.

Train to become the greatest Kung Fu Master the world has ever seen. You will begin as a tourist to Martial Arts, with no experience and slow reflexes. You will progressively move onto harder tiers of training, faster and more complex, until you no longer need to think but simply react.

In Crazy Kung Fu you will fight against a wooden training dummy, using your hands as well as your body to punch, block and dodge the various spinning arms. Throughout your journey you will learn how to be a master at all of these, building muscle memory at first, to then rely on instinct and quick thinking.

All your moves are tracked, you will have statistics on speed, accuracy, strength, all of which will help you assess your progress, target your weaknesses and push towards becoming a Kung Fu Master.

There are a variety of extra modes to challenge yourself futher, from catching and eating shrimp while you fight, to dodging arrows from both sides. And for those who want to take their training a step further they can use the Infinite mode and training for as long as they can hold


To get your FREE keys for other platforms leave a review on the Sidequest page (https://bit.ly/ckfquest) and then send me your purchase confirmation by adding your email here (https://bit.ly/fovsub) and responding to my email with your purchase confirmation.

Steam version: https://bit.ly/ckfsteam | Rift version: https://bit.ly/crazykungfu

If you don't use those other platforms, even better as you can gift them to friends! :D

I'm regularly adding new content as I get feedback from everyone. So do join us on Discord as well!

Happy training!


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Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/hjupHpa


Version 0.6x
- New Fight Tier 2! In this tier the dummy is a bit more aggressive, though the main difference is the new arm as well as new positions for the pads.
- Body collider! You now have a body collider. So no more being lazy with your feet. Let's work on improving our footwork!

Version 0.5x
-New Fight mode! In this mode you fight against a more active/reactive dummy.
-Extended feedback after a Train mode level based on how you did.
-Menu scroll has now be redesigned to include Fight mode.
-Fight mode has it's own soundtrack! 
-Correct punch plank is now displayed when returning to menu after Focus.
-Fight mode also has new grades, one for amount of body pad hits and the other for amount of lateral movement.

Version 0.4x
-Global leaderboard! See how everyone else is doing.
-Study menu now includes a Wing Chun dummy!
-Import your own study pages to revise shapes without removing your headset.
-90FPS on Quest 2.
-Entire new Tier 3.
-New Punch pad arm that you can pummel away at.
-Updated scoring system to work across platforms.

Version 0.3x
-New Infinite Extra mode. Play for ever, and ever, and ever...
-Tier 2 now has a moving dummy.
-Combo scoring is now fully functional.
-Can select new dojo environments as you unlock them.
-Extra modes are unlocked at Tier 2: Shrimp, Arrows, Infinite and Faster
-New Extra modes (ex: pad work)

Coming next:
- New environments
- More training tools.



Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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is this game coming to applab??? Love it fantastic game 

It is in review! Should be up on App Lab very soon!

OMG imagine this with haptics in the near future :D it hurts 

bHaptics are coming! Working on that now. Have a few updates first. Will keep you posted.

this game is exactly what i wanted when i first got into vr and im so excited to now play my dreams only thing i could critic is just that the sensing on the hands is a little annoying because when i try to block sometimes i have to basically block with my elbow but overall its a great game

Great Game

Can you make the wooden man dummy be able to have physical contact with the arms and hands. If possible make it have that little bounce back that a real on does with contact. And a way to edit the example doll person. btw the block on that example doll person is at a bad angle for a block lol just saying.

Hi, I like the game. I just hope there is a way to pause the game during the session or is it already possible?

Hi, I just got this game yesterday but I'm not sure how to get the steam version. Where should I send purchase confirmation?

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Great stuff! Add your email here and respond to the intro email with your purchase confirmation. I'll send your key asap. 

Deleted 148 days ago

Hey. The height for everything in the game is set from the start according to your current height. The dummy is also set automatically according to your height when you start the game.
I know there are some variations in terms of dummy height in schools, some train higher, some train lower. For now the height is automatically set to the relative height that I train at, where the dummy arms at just bellow your own.

If this is much lower right now, check that you are not moving around too much when the scene loads so the height is set correctly. 

If it's because the  height simply isn't how you train, I will add this option later down the line. This is the first version I've added with the dummy. So it's good to know that some are using it and I can work on adding flexibility! 

If it's really an issue right now, I'd recommend standing up on your toes, or lifting the headset slightly over your head, when the main scene launches (after you punch the first plank in the setup scene). So the dummy is set higher. Just a temporary solution until I build some tools to adjust manually. :)
Thanks for support and feedback!

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Super jeu que je recommande. Top pour s'entraîner et développer ses réflexes. Bon complément a TOF, Creed, the fight... 

Awesome game i recommand. Great for training and improving our reflexes.  Good complement to TOF, Creed, the fight... 

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Hello! I finish Level 1 with a score higher than 30k, but nothing happens!. Actually my score doesn't change anything.  There is no Level 2 text that I need to punch or there is no way to go to a menu. Can you help me?

I have Oculus Quest 2. I bought the game here and playing the apk version.

Thanks for reporting. This issue has been patched in the new version you can download now. :)

Hello I have already purchased, but now I have Q2. Pls help me how to reinstall it. I have it my library I can press install but then I do not know ... what to do. Its my first time. OTW I do kung fu and I love this game worth much more than you ask. Hope some day kicks will be recognized by Oculus and you can include some. Boxy7788 is my name I have purchased.

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I'm working on Q2 compatibility right now, will push an update in the next few days! You'll get a notification once it's ready to download, and I can help you from there. 

Wow!! UR the best. I love this training app. It is NOT a game but big fun too. Waiting for your kind notification.