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Available Now on Oculus Quest Store!

I wanted to make a VR game that could be modded. So here it is! You can replace the enemies with pictures of your friends, your boss, a virus or wheterer you like! More mods to come.

Check out my other VR game Crazy Kung Fu: https://bit.ly/ckfquest


Discord community: https://discord.gg/hjupHpa


__ Version 1.0x __

-Added more preview mod images. But add your own as well!
-Upgraded path instructions so you can clearly see where you ned to put your custom images.
-New music tracks! More to come...
-Added button to change/stop music.
-You can now stop at anytime by pulling the eject lever infront of your seat.
-Resume levels increased to level 12.

__ Plans for future updates__

- Extra moddable things!
- New weapons and powerups
- Time trial game mode
- More awesome tracks


When the universe is in danger, we send our greatest fighters. But they failed, so now all we have is you. 

So shuttle up and brace yourself for a laser shooting, space flying, alien blasting experience as you fight your way through the nebula. 

Unleash strategic powerups, encounter a variety of enemies, travel through infinite levels and get ready to get nostalgic in this 8-bit galactical video game.

 This game is also customisable, you can import your own nemesis and fight against them in space. Add your own memes or photos and face them head on this time with a ship and laser cannons. What could go wrong.


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where are the mods?

(1 edit)

Hey first of all as the game is now available on Oculus I've just added the link to the top of the page and removed the apk download. 
There's a mod button on the rigth in front of you in the space ship. Press the button to check out the examples, and then you can also upload your own as well.